Free Lunch Reviews

Nancy L. Salz,
President, Nancy L. Salz Consulting

"It wasn't the question I asked Harold that propelled me in the right direction -- it was the question he asked me. Harold is insightful, smart-verging-on-brilliant, extremely easy to talk to, and has a wealth of experience. My one-hour discussion with him was not only free, it was priceless."

Andrew Betts
ICONDA Solutions

"Having been impressed by their writing, I contacted Harold and Erica with a question about training technical trainers. I was hoping for a short email exchange and some useful hints, not expecting that they would suggest a call and that Harold would dedicate an hour of his time to my issue! The call was extremely helpful and reinforced the impression that I had already formed while reading the "Ain't" series - here is a pair of dedicated professionals for whom values and principles are more than just words."

Kathleen Spatt, B.Ed.,
CHRP Learning & Development Specialist
Regional Housing Operations
Living Skies Housing Authority

"If trainers had super heroes, Harold Stolovitch would be one. He helped me formulate an effective training solution for a group of elderly seniors that were struggling as leaders of a tenant association. The experiential approach he recommended, the ideas he came up with, and the scenarios he proposed were absolutely brilliant! His counsel…priceless!"

Allison Beckett Kincheloe
Captive Auto Finance Company

"During our one-hour consultation, Harold asked many thought-provoking questions that caused us to question our traditional and typical ways of thinking. He suggested a simple yet powerful activity for a recent train-the-trainer session. This activity was very impactful, and afterwards our facilitator commented, "It was like magic!" I can always count on Harold and Erica to provide fresh ideas and new insights, as well as to inspire me with their passion, inquisitiveness, creativity, and commitment to learning."

Alexa Neidermeyer, Instructional Designer, Digital Analytics Company

"As an instructional designer, I am constantly looking for new and exciting ideas for the training programs I develop, both face-to-face and online. I am very excited to incorporate the interactive elements you introduced me to, in my up and coming on-boarding program. I also feel refreshed after our meeting because I am now approaching training development differently. I am going to focus more of my time speaking to managers and supervisors prior to developing training programs so that my training curriculum is more relevant to what managers' expect employees to know/do. This is something training developers learn how to do in school but the importance of it can sometimes be forgotten. Our meeting reminded me how critical communication is for successful learning. I am going to work harder to ensure managers and new employees have a clear communication system so employees can easily access information if they need help and so managers will know how to distribute helpful information to their employees. I think this will be hugely beneficial after training has ended. Thanks again for all the great ideas and tips!"


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