APRIL 2013
Volume 12, Number 2

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May 8, 2013
CSTD Training Ain't Performance Workshop, Toronto, Canada

July 9-10, 2013
ASTD Telling Ain't Training Mini-Conference, Denver, CO

September 16-17, 2013
ASTD Telling Ain't Training Mini-Conference,Chicago, IL

October 8-10, 2013
ASTD Telling Ain't Training Mini-Conference and Training Ain't Performance, Arlington, VA

December 4-5, 2013
ASTD Telling Ain't Training Mini-Conference, Atlanta, GA

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Harold Stolovitch and Erica Keeps are Certified Performance Technologists (CPT). The CPT designation is awarded by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) to experienced practitioners in the field of organizational performance improvement, whose work meets both the performance-based Standards of Performance Technology and application requirements. For more information, visit www.CertifiedPT.org.

Are You Certifiable?

While there are no licenses in the fields of training delivery, instructional design or performance consulting, there are wonderful opportunities for professional development and certification.

Concerned about career advancement? Changing industries? Looking for ways to upgrade your skills? Interested in making yourself a more desirable job candidate? All these and more are reasons to look into certification programs.

Three professional societies offer certification programs that are both credible and doable. They provide workshops and on the job applications. We highly recommend exploring their requirements and benefits. Below are the organizations and links to the certification programs on their websites.

  • International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI): Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) - ispi.org
  • American Society for Training and Development (ASTD): Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) - astd.org
  • Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD): Certified Training Practitioner (CTP) and Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) - cstd.ca

All the best,
Erica and Harold


Tips, Tools, Techniques and Other Tantalizing Tidbits

Becoming an effective instructional designer (ID) requires solid training in the skills needed to analyze, design, develop, evaluate and revise courses, programs and learning events or activities. As ID's, we practice and hone these skills with each project we undertake. However, as with any craft or profession, we also pick up tips, tools, techniques and other useful "stuff" from fellow seasoned, successful professionals. Often, we do the "picking-up" informally through observation, participation in professional get-togethers or from casual conversations. These gems, together with our training and practice, build our successes. From capable journeymen, we transform into talented master ID performers.

This article and two more which will follow in future issues offer you some of the things I've picked up or stumbled upon over the years as a practicing ID and teacher of instructional design. There are, of course, three objectives for this article series. (Would an ID dare to not state objectives?) You should come away from reading them able to...

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Brought Back by Popular Demand!

Due to it's popularity, ASTD has added a one-day Training Ain't Performance event to it's October 2013 Telling Ain't Training Conference in Arlington, VA. Based on the award-winning book of the same name, this event takes its content and turns it into a highly interactive learning experience that provides the key concepts, principles and tools that can help transform you into an effective Performance Consultant.

More and more 21st century organizations are transforming their training/learning and development entities into workplace learning and performance (WLP) support groups. This very involving one-day event introduces you to the basic concepts of performance consulting - a systematic process that allows training professionals, OD or HRD specialists and even managers to analyze requests for training or any other type of intervention and determine whether or not it is necessary/sufficient. This even includes materials and exercises that deal with human capital and performance engineering. The full-day session guides you through a thinking and decision-making process that sets the foundation for becoming a true workplace learning and performance professional. You leave with a set of skills and tools that are highly valued in today's competitive environment.

Information on this event will be on ASTD's website (www.astd.org) soon!


At HSA Learning & Performance Solutions LLC, we've seen a lot over the years.  We know the business of learning.  We know the role human performance plays in business success.  We know how to uncover and address needs, then create appropriate solutions.  We pride ourselves on helping organizations achieve high levels of performance - and success.  HSA is a leader in workplace learning and performance improvement.  Our proven learning and performance solutions have helped maximize employee performance at hundreds of organizations throughout the world.  Our principals, Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps, share a common passion - developing people. Together they have devoted a combined total of over 80 years to make workplace learning and performance both enjoyable and effective. Their dedication to improving workplace learning and performance is reflected in the workshops they run internationally on training delivery, instructional design and performance consulting. Together, they are co-editors of the first two editions of the Handbook of Human Performance Technology and co-authors of the best-selling, award-winning series of books Telling Ain't Training - Updated, Expanded and Enhanced, Training Ain't Performance, Beyond Telling Ain't Training Fieldbook and Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook published by ASTD Press. They are also co-authors of the Wiley/Pfeiffer Learning & Performance Toolkit Series.  To learn more, click HERE.

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