Volume 15, Number 1

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March 7-8, 2016
ATD Telling Ain't Training Event, Atlanta, GA

April 9-12, 2016
ISPI Performance Improvement Conference, Philadelphia, PA

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Harold Stolovitch and Erica Keeps are Certified Performance Technologists (CPT). The CPT designation is awarded by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) to experienced practitioners in the field of organizational performance improvement, whose work meets both the performance-based Standards of Performance Technology and application requirements. For more information, visit www.ispi.org.

Another Year...Gone!

Wow, time does fly when you're having fun. Well, it flies even faster the older we get! Hard to believe 2015 now has a new status - memories.

With the new year, we feel it is time to refresh, repurpose and introduce new elements to our enewsletter. We start this issue with a feature entitled, "Harold's Reading and Viewing Guide." Harold shares his short list of books, articles and videos that are of interest to the workplace performance professional. Be prepared for a very eclectic array as Harold draws his inspiration from the highly technical and scientific to sci fi!

Speaking of great reads, don't miss the article by colleague and friend, Dana Robinson based on the latest edition of Performance Consulting.

In the interest of the power of social media, we invite our readership to share their thoughts, findings and views in a second new feature entitled "Readers Speak Out." Our vocal followers are already sharing. Get in on the fun! Send your comments to ekeeps@hsa-lps.com.

Happy New Year!

Erica and Harold


Harold's Reading and Viewing Guide
By Harold D. Stolovitch

Here are two readings and a viewing that may be of interest to you.

The Distracted Mind, is an illustrated lecture about our poor, easily distracted brain. It provides a clear and helpful explanation of how task interferences and distractions can destroy our concentration (but offers cues for overcoming these). It deals with multi-tasking, separating what research tells us about this activity and mentions the numerous myths and beliefs that circulate about doing more than one thing at a time. Are you worried that your senior moments are increasing? Hold on. Learn about this phenomenon and how it affects both young and old.

Chasing Stars
is a wonderful read that is research-based and offers information and guidance on just how much we should trust in "star-quality talent." Very helpful and thought provoking, given the current emphasis on seeking out the best talent there is.

Delusions of Gender delves into the neuromythology of gender differences. It is a thoroughly researched book with insightful conclusions. What I most like is the thoughtful examination of physical versus functional male-female differences.


Click HERE to read published descriptions for each. Happy viewing and reading!

Guest Author Series

Jim and Dana Robinson are recognized thought leaders in the areas of performance consulting, strategic partnering and human performance improvement. They have co-authored seven books focused on these areas. Jack and Patti Phillips are founders and leaders of the firm ROI Institute, the leading source of ROI capability building. They have authored more than 75 books and consult globally with clients who implement their ROI Methodology. Dick Handshaw is chairman of Handshaw, Inc., a firm he founded in 1985. This firm is a leader in instructional design and performance consulting.

The following article is adapted from the book Performance Consulting: A Strategic Process to Improve, Measure, and Sustain Organizational Results, Third Edition, co-authored by Jim and Dana Robinson, Jack and Patty Phillips and Dick Handshaw, published by Berrett-Koehler and released in 2015. Dana Robinson is currently Lead Performance Consultant with Handshaw, Inc. She can be reached at dana.robinson@handshaw.com.

How are your Reframing Skills?
By Dana Robinson

How many times do you receive a request from a manager similar to the following:

"We are experiencing an increase in preventable accidents and incidents. Safety is a primary goal for our manufacturing facilities. What kind of safety training can we offer operators and supervisors?"

"I have two teams who are in continual conflict. I would like some type of team building experience for them. What do you suggest?"

This manager, who is your client, seeks your help implement an already determined solution. It is possible that the proposed solution will be insufficient to achieve results - and may even be unnecessary. Business and performance results occur from the implementation of multiple solutions - a single solution will rarely be sufficient. The goal for a performance consultant in these scenarios is to engage the client in a reframing discussion.

What's a Reframing Discussion?


Don't Miss Harold in 2016

Harold will be facilitating the ATD Telling Ain't Training event from March 7-8 in Atlanta, GA. Based on the award-winning book of the same name, ATD's Telling Ain't Training event offers an exceptional approach to transforming ineffective "telling" into training that results in long-term retention and improved performance on the job. This event delivers interactive, practical strategies that can be implemented immediately to improve training programs. For more information, click HERE.

Be sure not to miss Harold at the annual ISPI Performance Improvement Conference where he will present a two-day pre-conference session - Adding Value as a Performance Improvement Professional on April 9 and 10. Based on the award-winning, best-selling books, Training Ain't Performance, and Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook, this highly interactive session delivers the key concepts, principles, and tools that enable you to transition into an effective performance consultant. Harold will also be part of the Masters sessions on April 11. Hope to see you there! Find more information on the conference HERE.

Readers Speak Out

"I graduated from Purdue's Learning, Design, and Technology master's degree program (almost a year ago) where I encountered your book, Training Ain't Performance. I just wanted to let you know how useful I found and still find your book. I am using it for a new client and as I pull it out each time, I am reminded how it was the hallmark book for me from my program that was filled with many great reads. I just thought you might like to hear about the impact that you have made." - Ellen Twomey, Instructional Designer

"I have just finished reading your book Telling Ain't Training and I wanted to drop you a note to commend you on an excellent book. I have been reviewing considerable literature for the past few years and I think your publication is one of the clearest, straightforward publications I have come across in a long time. I am recommending that everyone in our training organization review it as it serves as a great tool to "bring everything together." - Steve Sniderman, Amway

We would love to hear your feedback on any of our books.
Please share your comments at ekeeps@hsa-lps.com.

Ask Harold

Do you have a burning learning and performance question? Visit ASK HAROLD and ask your question for Harold Stolovitch to answer. Here is a recent submission that might intrigue you:

As a training-learning practitioner, I find the differences between neurological/neuroscientific research principles and cognitive science research principles to be confusing. Can you untangle these for me?

To read the response, visit ASK HAROLD . To ask your own question, click on the crystal ball above, fill out the form and click submit.

Where Will You be Travelling in 2016?

In these troubling times, we must remember that terrorism can happen anywhere. Living in Los Angeles, ever so close to the recent incident in San Bernardino, is a reminder that staying home does not remove us from danger.

We all have a choice about how we use our freedom to travel. It would be a loss to most of us if we allowed fear to inhibit our curiosity about the world around us.

Our personal travel plans for 2016 are a river cruise in Europe with friends
and colleagues, a Mediterranean cruise with family from near and
abroad, and a road trip along our own US west coast.

We will also be welcoming many family members and friends into our own home. This is surely one of the many benefits of living in a vacation location!

Where will you be traveling in 2016? Best to start planning now! If you'd like some ideas or need help, just contact me at ekeeps@hsa-lps.com. We are passionate about exploring our world!


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