JULY 2015
Volume 14, Number 3

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Harold Stolovitch and Erica Keeps are Certified Performance Technologists (CPT). The CPT designation is awarded by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) to experienced practitioners in the field of organizational performance improvement, whose work meets both the performance-based Standards of Performance Technology and application requirements. For more information, visit www.ispi.org.

Training Ain't Performance

No matter how much training you throw at a problem that isn't the result of a skill or knowledge deficiency, the problem won't go away. Even appropriate, excellent training, poorly implemented or without a support strategy, will probably not result in improved performance. This issue of our enewsletter focuses on what many have called, "the other half of the story" - the very large and significant non-training portion. As the titles of two of our books state very forcefully, Telling Ain't Training AND Training Ain't Performance.

We hope you enjoy and find useful the excerpt we have included from our book, Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook, as well as two articles on Performance entitled "Awareness Does Not Equal Performance" and "A Leisurely Approach to Performance".

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Success to you in every endeavor!

Erica and Harold


Training Ain't Performance
By Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps

Yes. This is the title to one of our books. Beyond the title, however, resides a lot of science and sadness. Hardly anyone whom we speak to in organizations believes that training alone is the surest way to achieve worthwhile behavior changes and outcomes. Almost everyone in the learning and development world knows, through experience, that acquisition of skills and knowledge is rarely sufficient to attain sought-after results. Yet amazingly, we still find little evidence that this knowledge gets translated into systemic, performance improvement initiatives. Somehow, the training default solution gets triggered as convention, convenience and organizational criteria kick in. Who can argue that training is not good? Boxes need to get checked off. Form over function is a powerful approach for triggering entrenched organizational practices.

What follows is an excerpt from our book, Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook. It speaks to this issue.

It Ain't Always Easy

Why is it so difficult to make happen what we know to be right? CONTINUE READING TO FIND OUT

Oldie but Goodie
By Harold Stolovitch

Since this issue of HSA e-Xpress focuses on what makes for achieving valued performance, we cannot leave out some of the important, wise principles Thomas Gilbert, the father of Human Performance Technology, taught us. Here is an article I wrote a few years back to refresh our memories about Gilbert's Leisurely Theorems. It originally appeared in the June 2010 issue of Talent Management Magazine.

A Leisurely Approach to Performance

The extraordinary athletic triumphs I witnessed during the last Olympics triggered in me reflections about human performance. Medalists' accomplishments often appeared effortless, leading to reminiscences of conversations with the late Thomas Gilbert, generally considered the father of Human Performance Technology, and the "Leisurely Theorems" he espoused in his classic Human Competence: Engineering Worthy Performance (1978; 1996). Provocative and profound, they offer wisdom and guidance to performance professionals. They also resonate well with the incredible Olympic performances I had observed.

First Leisurely Theorem

Paraphrasing Gilbert, worthy performance is a function of the ratio of valuable accomplishment to costly behavior. Value is derived from accomplishment not behavior (which is always a cost). Working hard and long, being knowledgeable and highly motivated without, minimally, equal accomplishment, is, in Gilbert's terms, unworthy performance. The focus, as Peter Drucker has suggested, must be on doing the right thing. Doing things right is a waste of time, money, effort or any other resources if you do not achieve valued results. CONTINUE READING

Awareness Does Not Equal Performance
By Harold Stolovitch

This article was originally published in the November 2010 edition of Talent Management Magazine

I have had some fierce encounters over awareness programs, campaigns and training. My position is that "awareness" efforts, as stand-alone initiatives, are a futile waste of money. This stance has caused me to endure emotional confrontations with safety directors, sales VPs, diversity managers, harassment professionals and even security folk. "You must make people aware!" they assert, bristling with passion. "It's the only way to get things to change."

My retort to this is a blunt, "Nonsense." MY RATIONALE IS...

Training Ain't Performance and Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook

Training Ain't Performance is an award-winning book that makes the principles, concepts and procedures easily accessible to trainers, instructional designers, experienced performance support professionals and performance consultants. Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook provides tools and templates to assist individuals and teams in transitioning to a performance orientation. Together, these two books provide a curriculum for performance improvement. Both books are available through ATD Press.

If you attend the special ATD Training Ain't Performance event on September 29 and 30, 2015 in New York City, you will receive copies of both books, which are included in the registration fee.

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