Volume 13, Number 4

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December 11-12, 2014
ASTD Telling Ain't Training Event, Atlanta, GA

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Harold Stolovitch and Erica Keeps are Certified Performance Technologists (CPT). The CPT designation is awarded by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) to experienced practitioners in the field of organizational performance improvement, whose work meets both the performance-based Standards of Performance Technology and application requirements. For more information, visit www.ispi.org.

Art, Craft, Technology or Science?

It is very difficult to get consensus about what the field of learning and performance is. There are those that would argue it is "science", after all our field is based on scientific research and evidence. Science is defined as the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Others would press for "technology" as the field is closely aligned with engineering principles. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. "Craft" means making something in a skillful way so it is easy to see where that connection came from. And, then there are advocates of learning and performance as "art," which is defined as the application of creative skill and imagination.

How we look at or define our field makes for a great discussion point. The lines are often blurred. One could make an argument for science, technology, art or craft or any combination thereof. Our Warholesque photo is simply a playful way of altering reality through both art and technology.

In this issue, we include excerpts from the technology chapters found in our second edition of Telling Ain't Training. We see the use of technology as a means to an end. What do you think?

Erica and Harold


What Makes for Quality Online Learning?
By Harold D. Stolovitch, Marc Rosenberg and Erica J. Keeps

A constant theme that permeates most discussions of online learning is that of quality. With any form of training, one aspect of quality is that the training supports specific learning and organizational objectives. After all, any course that doesn't deliver this shouldn't be offered. For technology-based learning, an important aspect of quality is its instructional soundness and versatility. How do you maintain high-quality learning effectiveness in a medium where no instructor is present to answer questions or adjust the content based on expressed learner interests? The short answer is through well-designed instruction based on analyses that draw out, in advance, learner and organizational needs.

Poorly designed online learning hurts quality. Even when the technology works well, the screens are beautiful and exciting, and a large amount of multimedia is available, if no meaningful learning results from all of this, everyone's efforts - yours, the learners and their managers - have been wasted. The careful, systematic crafting of online instruction, complete with tryout and revision cycles using real learners, is an essential characteristic of quality online learning design.

Here are 10 ways to increase the probability of developing high-quality online learning so that it produces desired results right from the start. Click HERE to continue reading.

Excerpts From Developing Human Capital: Using Analytics to Plan and Optimize Your Learning and Development Investments
By Bonnie Beresford, Gene Pease and Lew Walker

Bonnie Beresford, PhD, Director of Performance Strategy at AMCI Global, along with co-authors Gene Pease and Lew Walker, has shared her 20+ years of practical experience in applying analytics to learning in her new book, Developing Human Capital: Using Analytics to Plan and Optimize Your Learning and Development Investments. Bonnie's work with both Fortune 500 clients and non-profits has been recognized by Chief Learning Officer (CLO) and T+D magazines including earning the Association for Talent Development's (ATD) "Excellence in Practice Award" and three "CLO Business Impact" awards on behalf of her clients. These and other case studies throughout the text illustrate the practical application of learning analytics. Click HERE to read two excerpts from the book. The first describes the importance of having a strategy and for measurement. The second introduces the Measurement Map™ as a tool to both show alignment to the business and to identify possible metrics for evaluating impact.

ASTD Becomes the Association for Talent Development
By Tony Bingham, President and CEO of ATD

At the ASTD 2014 International Conference & Exposition, the ASTD Board of Directors and I announced that ASTD is changing its name to the Association for Talent Development (ATD). As I shared with our conference attendees, this change comes after years of consideration of ASTD's brand, a thoughtful review of changes in the profession and major trends impacting learning, and a reflection on the positive and significant impact of our members' work.

Since ASTD was founded in 1943, the impact and influence of the profession has transformed dramatically. T&D professionals are responsible for a wider scope, have a greater impact on their organizations, and have become critical business partners. What hasn't changed in 70 years is the purpose of the field-to develop people: their knowledge, skills, and capabilities.
ASTD is changing to the Association for Talent Development to demonstrate how this profession's work-and the impact that our members and customers have-stretches beyond training.

Rest assured that training and development remains at the core of ATD. Our service and commitment to the training profession is stronger than ever. While we are excited about this bright future, we are deeply appreciative of the 70-year history that is the foundation of this vibrant and global community.
We will be implementing the change in our name and brand over the next year. You'll continue to see changes to the website and our products and services. We've also created a special website (www.astdnews.org) where you can find out more information about the change - including a timeline that maps out when you will see certain products transition to the new identity.

Together, we are creating a world that works better, and we're excited to partner with you on this journey.


At HSA Learning & Performance Solutions LLC, we've seen a lot over the years.  We know the business of learning.  We know the role human performance plays in business success.  We know how to uncover and address needs, then create appropriate solutions.  We pride ourselves on helping organizations achieve high levels of performance - and success.  HSA is a leader in workplace learning and performance improvement.  Our proven learning and performance solutions have helped maximize employee performance at hundreds of organizations throughout the world.  Our principals, Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps, share a common passion - developing people. Together they have devoted a combined total of over 80 years to make workplace learning and performance both enjoyable and effective. Their dedication to improving workplace learning and performance is reflected in the workshops they run internationally on training delivery, instructional design and performance consulting. Together, they are co-editors of the first two editions of the Handbook of Human Performance Technology and co-authors of the best-selling, award-winning series of books Telling Ain't Training - Updated, Expanded and Enhanced, Training Ain't Performance, Beyond Telling Ain't Training Fieldbook and Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook published by ASTD Press. They are also co-authors of the Wiley/Pfeiffer Learning & Performance Toolkit Series.  To learn more, click HERE.

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