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What is it?

More and more 21st century companies are transforming their training entities into learning and performance support organizations. This very involving two-day seminar introduces participants to the basic concepts of front-end analysis -- a systematic process that allows training professionals and OD or HRD specialists to analyze a request for training and determine whether or not training is necessary/sufficient. It includes materials and exercises that deal with human capital, performance engineering and return on investment. This seminar guides participants through a thinking and decision-making process that sets the foundation for becoming true learning and performance consultants.

Who should attend?

Members of training, organization development or human resource groups who are focused on performance improvement. It is also very appropriate for instructional designers, training managers and training personnel who are looking beyond training solutions to bottom-line results. It is especially suitable for intact training groups moving from training order taking to the more fulfilling and contributing role of learning and performance support.

What are the workshop objectives?

Participants acquire skills to analyze and document a request for training or performance support from a performance perspective and prescribe suitable interventions.

They also create the foundation for an effective learning and performance support organization.

Upon completing the workshop, participants are able to:

  • Define "performance"
  • State three performance engineering principles
  • Name the key elements of a human performance system within a work environment and describe their interactions
  • Name and explain the major steps for engineering effective performance
  • Complete and document a front-end analysis using a set of job aids
  • Document a worth analysis using a set of job aids
  • Conduct a self-assessment of performance consulting skills
  • Name and describe roles and interventions of a performance consultant
  • Create the foundation for a rationale, vision, mission and set of guiding principles for a learning and performance support organization
  • Identify opportunities and obstacles in creating a learning and performance support organization

What training methods are used?

This two-day seminar begins with some extremely meaningful statistics on people management practices in leading organizations and their direct impact on bottom-line results. It then draws participants into a series of highly participative cases and activities. Individually and in teams, participants solve problems, explore relevant scenarios drawn from their experiences and build performance consulting skills. The seminar includes worth analysis/return-on-investment calculations guided by cases and job aids. Throughout the seminar, participants learn, practice and receive feedback on their efforts. The latter part of the seminar focuses participants on an examination of their own work environment and helps them assess opportunities and obstacles for creating a learning and performance support organization. More than 50% of the time, participants are actively engaged in learning and decision-making activities.

Who are the seminar instructors?

The instructors are themselves, experienced performance consultants. They have strong academic backgrounds in learning, performance and organizational behavior. They also practice what they teach in their daily professional work. The instructors have taught this seminar numerous times with consistently high participant evaluations. In many instances, they have triggered and later supported front-end analysis and performance consulting activities of participants in their organizational settings.

Instructors not only conduct the seminar and apply what they teach in organizations, they also perform research in this area and frequently contribute to the professional writing on learning and performance improvement. HSA instructors have won many awards for their work in the fields of performance and instructional technology.

What is the seminar's background?

The content of the seminar was derived from professional work in performance consulting for over a quarter century, studies of best practices in front-end analysis and learning and performance solutions, and research in these areas. The seminar itself was developed and tested over a three year period. Seminar evaluation results are available as are client references.


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