Workshops - FEA & Return on Investment

What is it?

Two interrelated half-day workshops in one engaging day.

Workshop One

Analyzing and documenting a request for training or an opportunity to improve performance and prescribing suitable interventions.

Workshop Two

Calculating the worth and ROI of learning and performance projects: rationale, principles and procedures.

Who should attend?

  • Training and human resource development professionals
  • Organizational development and organizational effectiveness specialists
  • Training managers, directors and chief learning officers
  • Instructional designers
  • Performance consultants
  • Persons tasked with training and performance support mandates
    Managers concerned with obtaining the best results from people

What are the seminar objectives?

Morning: Front-End Analysis (FEA): The Key to Performance Consulting

Purpose and rationale for FEA

  • Definition of capital and human capital
  • From order taking to performance consulting
  • High payoff for FEA

Defining "performance"

  • Dynamic case study: analysis of a performance deficiency
  • Self-diagnostic exercise: "What is my greatest performance block?"
  • Operational definitions of performance
  • Performance engineering principles
  • Engineering effective performance
  • Key elements of a workplace human performance system
  • An engineering effective performance model

Front-End Analysis

  • Participative, work-related case
  • Application of FEA job aids and tools
  • Techniques for data collection
  • Prescribing performance interventions
  • Reporting FEA results

Afternoon: Calculating Worth and Return on Investment (ROI) in Learning and Performance

Rationale for calculating worth and ROI

  • Organizational requirements for bottom line results
  • Consequences of not demonstrating worth and ROI
  • Value of worth and ROI calculations
  • People management and financial results
  • Economic relationship between people management and business results
  • Training, performance support and bottom line business success
  • Principles of calculating worth and ROI
  • Rules and principles for calculating ROI
  • The basics of worth and ROI calculations
  • Elements of cost and value
  • Calculating worth and ROI
  • Steps in performing calculations
  • Two real-world calculation cases
  • Hands-on, case-based calculation of worth and ROI with support, guidance and feedback
  • Resources to support FEA and ROI efforts
  • Annotated resource guide with discussion
  • On-going support

Who are the seminar instructors?

The instructors are experienced, professional performance consultants, instructional designers and trainers with strong academic backgrounds. They have conducted the Front-End Analysis and Return On Investment (FEA & ROI) workshop numerous times with consistently proven results.

Instructors have many years of experience in training and development research, teaching and consulting with business and industry. They have written and produced a variety of instructional materials as well as numerous books and articles on performance technology, performance consulting and training design. HSA instructors have won awards for their work in the field of instructional and performance technology.

What is the seminar's background?

This workshop was developed and tested over a two-year period in business and industry. Seminar evaluation results and follow-up data are available as are client references. Front-End Analysis & Return On Investment is also available in French.


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