Nancy Olson
Senior Director of Education
American Society for Training and Development

"Harold Stolovitch has been a presenter at ASTD's large and small conferences for many years.  He is always an energetic and motivating speaker who engages his audience, tailors his program to their needs, and creates a lively learning environment.  His work is grounded in theory and best practice, and his presentation style keeps learners on their toes, absorbed in the content, and ready to implement once they are back on the job."

Roger Addison, CPT, Ed.D
Senior Director of Human Performance Technologies
International Society for Performance Improvement

"Dr. Harold Stolovitch, CPT, is a consultant to consultants. His experience and practical advice has set the standard for many performance professionals. Harold's dynamic presentations are interactive and filled with useful concepts and ideas. In a word, dazzling !"

Roger Chevalier
Director of Information and Certification  
International Society for Performance Improvement

"Harold Stolovitch has a unique ability to capture participants with his exceptional platform skills, use of exercises and case studies to involve participants, and contagious enthusiasm for the material he delivers. At annual International Society for Performance Improvement conferences, Harold has always been rated as one of the very best presenters by those attending his programs. He has consistently been able to deliver complex ideas in ways that are easy to understand and use. Harold models the best of what a presenter should be with his highly interactive style that allows participants to learn by doing as well as listening."

Leah Nelson
Senior Conference Program Manager,
Training Conference & Expo
Training Fall Conference & Expo
Training Directors' Forum
Instructional Design Institute

"We thoroughly enjoy working with Harold. He is knowledgeable, pleasant, and both willing and able to adapt his topics to the needs of our audience. Harold's sessions are always among the most highly rated at our events. "

Tim Sosbe
Editorial Director
MediaTec Publishing Inc.
Chief Learning Officer Magazine
Workforce Performance Solutions Magazine
Certification Magazine

"Harold has a nice, easy-going style that instantly engages the audience. By interacting with attendees throughout the presentation, he personalized his talk and helped keep everyone involved and interested. Harold's personality sparkles through in his speaking engagements, adding another level of connection for audience members and helping ensure successful programs."

Petti Van Rekom, Ed. D.
Regional Manager, Training and Development
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

"Our company has engaged Harold Stolovitch as both a consultant and as a speaker at a large employee conference. His presentation skills were outstanding and maintained the interest of the participants. He tailored his presentation to reflect our specific industry and company culture. He used appropriate humor and engaged the participants in activities that reinforced their learning. In addition, he supplied them with excellent reference materials (i.e. handouts) that could be used on the job. We would certainly ask him to present at a future conference."

Monica Collins
Director, Global Learning Office

"Harold Stolovitch is a dynamic, engaging speaker. He is well versed in theory and research, pragmatic and practical in his practice, and balanced in his presentations. He reads his audience well and intuitively knows when to challenge and push and when to be supportive and encouraging. He is so very effective at moving people to the next level."

Wayne Concessi, P.Eng
Director of Learning and Development
Dillon Consulting

"What struck me most about Harold's session with our senior leaders was the enthusiasm, zeal and passion he has for life-long learning and improved human performance. It is a rare talent of a subject matter expert to bring the appropriate balance of theory, practice and humor to a presentation so that the audience remains engaged throughout. We could not help but be drawn in by Harold's engaging style. His infectious enthusiasm for learning has clearly had an impact on our senior leaders. Most have embraced the concept of senior staff as performance improvement agents, much to the benefit of both our junior/intermediate staff and our bottom line. Thanks for a job well-done, Harold. What you taught us actually did stick."

Steve Condly
University of Central Florida

"Whether it's an academic or a professional conference, Harold Stolovtich always manages to impress and inform. No matter the length of the presentation's time frame, one never comes away overloaded. In fact, Harold consistently leaves his audiences asking for more. Regardless of the topic, one can expect to hear the best and latest research presented in an engaging fashion, and with a healthy dose of humor added for good measure!"

Carol Goldsmith

"Do not plan on checking your email, meditating, or making to do lists when Harold Stolovitch is speaking. His presentations are focused on what the audience is interested in and needs to know. Harold speaks with the audience, not to them; engaging them every step of the way. His practical, witty approach leaves no room for the passive listener. Finally, an end to the after-dinner doldrums!"

Diane Mongrain

"Articulate and thought provoking, Dr. Harold Stolovitch combines a tremendous talent for teaching with a passion for content that he enthusiastically communicates to audiences.  He possesses a deep knowledge of human behavior in organizational settings.  What I admire most is his outstanding ability to tailor his message to whatever group he is addressing.  I marvel at how my people leave his sessions eager to apply the concepts and tools he has developed and which he so generously shares.  He always leaves his audience inspired, motivated and wanting more."

Tom O'Dwyer
Training Manager - Servicing Training
CitiMortgage, Inc.

"Thank you very much for the informative and entertaining two-day program you presented to the CitiMortgage Servicing Training team which combined your books, Telling Ain't Training and Training Ain't Performance . The delightful way you presented your books has improved our design and development of front-line staff training due to the implementation of more exercises using the mnemonic learning principles you discussed. We have found that using the techniques described, our audiences are more receptive, better prepared to implement changes, and frankly, happier with the training product we produce. Your presentation has had a demonstrated impact on over 2,000 employees of Citigroup."

Gary Van Voorhis
Instructional Technologist
Millstone Power Station
Dominion Nuclear Connecticut, Inc.

"Harold Stolovitch's combination of wit and expertise actively engaged a tough audience of technical nuclear trainers for two sessions. He makes his information 'come alive' in person and dynamically shows how the concepts from his books translate into useable real world techniques. We are urging our trainers to improve by implementing Harold's ideas."

Carmen Glovsky
Senior Instructional Designer

"When you're trying to identify and fix performance issues, there's no one more astute than Harold. He brings a wealth of academic knowledge as well as good old fashioned common sense to help improve human performance. If you're trying to alter behavior or have simply identified an area that you believe needs improvement, Harold can assist you in evaluating, developing and implementing programs to close the performance gaps. In addition, unlike many presentations that you may have 'sat' through in the past, Harold practices what he preaches in his best selling book, Telling Ain't Training , so be prepared to be engaged, entertained, and educated. I always learn something new from him and highly recommend him."

Maurice Sykes
Executive Director
The Early Childhood Leadership Institute

"'Give us more,' was the collective reaction of the 100 trainers in Harold Stolovitch's dynamic, information-packed, practical trainer training seminar. For organizations that seek to become high performers, Telling Ain't Training is a must do."

Brenda Sugrue
Senior Director of Research

"I have attended dozens of presentations by Harold Stolovitch at conferences, workshops, and other events over the past decade and he is undoubtedly the most engaging speaker I have ever seen. He combines the most current and relevant content with creative activities for audience participation and his high energy and wit make every session a most enjoyable experience. His sessions are usually standing-room only and the audience is thoroughly engaged for the entire time. His handouts alone are 'worth the price admission' and to have the master explain the thinking behind them with great stories, examples, and exercises is an opportunity not to be missed."


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