Workshops - Training Delivery Seminar (TDS)

5 Step Model What is it?

A three-day, highly participative seminar that provides training basics to managers, supervisors and/or specialists whose job is now primarily training other people.

Who should attend?

Anyone whose job requires helping others acquire new skills or improve product knowledge. The Training Delivery Seminar is especially aimed at those who have expertise in a given area but little or no formal background in training and who now are assigned training responsibilities.

What are the seminar objectives?

Upon completing the seminar, participants are able to:

  • Identify the critical features of effective training.
  • Describe key adult learning principles and apply them to a training session.
  • Apply a five-step model for structuring training sessions.
  • Describe and try out a variety of techniques for livening up training sessions.
  • Describe how people learn and trainers with strong subject matter expertise actually create barriers to learning.
  • Create examples of visual aids and integrate them into a training session.
  • Create and deliver training sessions that include sound adult learning and design principles as well as effective training techniques.
  • Identify techniques for managing special participants.
  • Identify major phases of evaluation and describe strategies to accomplish each.
  • Evaluate instructor performance using a formal evaluation instrument.

What training methods are used?

This three-day seminar emphasizes participation. It is learner-centered and performance-based. Participants practice everything taught in the seminar and receive frequent feedback on their performance. Participants also have an opportunity to see how they train through the use of video. Feedback is provided in a positive and structured manner. Participants acquire new training skills through both the seminar content and the seminar leader models they observe.

Who are the seminar instructors?

The seminar leaders are experienced, professional trainers with strong academic backgrounds. All seminar leaders have run the Training Delivery Seminar many times with consistently positive results.

Instructors have many years of experience in training and development research, teaching and consulting with business and industry. They have written and produced a variety of instructional materials as well as numerous books and articles on instructional/training design. HSA instructors have won awards for their work in the field of instructional and performance technology.

What is the seminar's background?

This seminar was developed and tested over a four-year period in business and industry. More than a thousand managers, supervisors and specialists have participated in the seminar. Evaluation results and follow-up data are available as are client references. The Training Delivery Seminar is also available in French.


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