Workshops - Engineering Effective Instruction (EEI)

What is it?

An intensive five-day course that provides instructional design basics to individuals whose job includes analysis, design, development, evaluation and preparation of training materials and courses. Participants learn how to apply a systematic process for creating effective training. The Engineering Effective Instruction course is highly interactive and experiential. Participants practice what is taught in the course and receive feedback on their efforts. Participants are given the opportunity to get a head start on a personal work project. The Engineering Effective Instruction manual is a comprehensive reference complete with job aids to support participants back on the job.

Who should attend?

Those in the training field who have limited formal training in instructional systems design and are concerned with creating well designed, systematic instruction. Engineering Effective Instruction is also relevant for managers and specialists who have responsibility for the design of instruction as part of their job or as a special project.

What are the seminar objectives?

Participants acquire the basic skills to design, develop, evaluate and prepare instruction/training relevant for a clearly defined need, target population and context.

Upon completing the course, participants are able to:

  • Identify and define the major phases of the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) model for engineering effective instruction.
  • Identify and define the major steps in each phase of the ISD model.
  • Discriminate between situations calling for training and situations best served by other means.
  • Prepare a time and action plan for the design and development of training.
  • Conduct a learner analysis.
  • Conduct a context analysis.
  • Conduct procedural and hierarchical task analyses.
  • Conduct a concept analysis.
  • Create a structured analysis document.
  • Write performance objectives.
  • Create criterion-referenced tests.
  • Select instructional methods, strategies and formats that best meet training needs.
  • Select instructional media/delivery systems that most efficiently meet training needs.
  • Create a structured design document.
  • Identify requirements for an implementation plan.
  • Produce prototype versions of training program materials.
  • Prepare a verification and revision plan.
  • Identify requirements for production, reproduction and assembly of training materials.
  • Create a dissemination/implementation plan, and a long term monitoring/maintenance strategy.

What training methods are used?

This five-day course includes a wide range of instructional techniques. Participants operate in work teams to analyze, design, develop and test a learning module which they create. The course offers participants the opportunity to get a head start on a personal work project. The course is performance-based. Participants receive feedback on their accomplishments at each step of the process.

Who are the seminar instructors?

The course instructors are experienced, professional instructional designers and trainers with strong academic backgrounds. Instructors have conducted the Engineering Effective Instruction course numerous times with consistently positive results.

Instructors have many years of experience in training and development research, teaching and consulting with business and industry. They have written and produced a variety of instructional materials as well as numerous books and articles on instructional/training design. HSA instructors have won awards for their work in the field of instructional and performance technology.

What is the seminar's background?

This course was developed and tested over an eight-year period in business and industry. Course evaluation results and follow-up data are available as are client references. Engineering Effective Instruction is also available in French.


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